When do I have to send a reminder?

If a customer does not pay within the payment term, sending a reminder is a logical next step. It is prescribed by law when you can send this reminder. However, the right time is crucial to increase the chance of success. But what is the best time to send a reminder? You can read it here.

Send the first reminder

Before you engage a Debt Collection agency, it is customary to send a notice of default to your customer. A ‘notice of default’ is another word for the usual ‘reminder’. With this notice, you let your customer know that your invoice has not been paid within the legal payment term and that you still expect payment. On average, companies send one to three payment reminders to customers who have not yet paid the invoice. However, many companies do not know what the law prescribes for this.

Reminder to Dutch consumer

Under Dutch law, there is a difference between business and private customers. When it concerns a consumer, you as a supplier of a service or product must comply with the rules of the Collection Costs Act (WIK). This means that you must first send a final reminder to your customer. In this reminder, you give your customer fourteen days to still pay without additional collection and/or interest costs being charged. Only if no payment has been made after these fourteen days, you can hand over the unpaid invoice to a Debt Collection agency.

Reminder to Dutch company

If your customer is a company, you do not have to comply with the legal regulations of the WIK. Immediately after the statutory payment term of your invoice has expired, you can hand over your unpaid invoices to a Debt Collection agency. A final payment reminder is customary for a claim, however not mandatory. After all, it may be that your invoice has accidentally escaped your customer’s attention. Moreover, it is advisable that you always call your customer first and ask why they have not paid yet. It may be a misunderstanding or a problem that can be solved quickly.

Reminder to a company abroad

In foreign countries, other rules often apply to sending reminders. In some countries, it is not even allowed to send multiple reminders. Always ask advice from an international Debt Collection specialist when sending reminders to foreign debtors.

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