Client Success Story: AGFA NV

AGFA Gevaert Group, a listed company on the Belgian stock exchange, has been a client of CMC since 2016. One of the divisions CMC serves is AGFA NV, a global provider of printing and imaging solutions in the printing and healthcare industry.​ CMC Worldwide supports and unburdens them in both, Accounts Receivable Management and Debt Collection. Together with Peter Deelen (Finance Manager EMEA/Latam) and Martin van Veen (Manager Accounts Receivable Collections EMEA) we discuss this successful cooperation. Peter: "CMC exceeds our expectations. They are a qualitative and reliable partner that works as an extension of our own organization."

In their search for one global partner for Accounts Receivable Management and Debt Collection, AGFA found CMC. Peter: "Our biggest challenge was the fragmented approach to Credit Management. Each country collected in its own way. We, therefore, wanted to adopt a unified approach to credit control and debt collection for our clients - in a cost-efficient manner. CMC turned out to be the perfect partner for us. They operate globally and apply a uniform approach to all our customers, but work with native account managers per region. This transparent working method is of great added value to us."

"It makes a lot of sense to have one specialized partner for the total Credit Management process. And CMC is the perfect partner for that."
Martin van Veen - Manager Accounts Receivable Collections EMEA

The beginning of an appealing collaboration

The collaboration began in 2016 when AGFA handed over a number of complicated debt collection files to CMC. Martin says: "We were curious how you would handle these files. And that worked out much better than with other Collection Agencies we had approached. That's when we started working together. Together we set a timeline and we can rely on you to strictly follow it."

Another great advantage of CMC is the range of different services it offers. By combining Accounts Receivable Management and Debt Collection, the entire Credit Management process is taken off their hands. This way, CMC's customers don’t have to worry about it anymore. "When an overdue invoice remains unpaid, this debtor file can easily be passed on to the collection department. This way we don't have to prepare an entire file again," Martin explains.

CMC as an extension of the organization

CMC acts as an extension of AGFA's Credit Management department. "And that works very well," Peter says. "CMC implements the processes in Accounts Receivable Management and Debt Collections as we defined them together. Their approach to our clients, therefore, fits in seamlessly with AGFA's approach. CMC is a down-to-earth partner that is very flexible and adapts to our needs. In addition, the cooperation is very easy-going. The lines are short, problems are solved quickly and our teams are in daily contact."

In this way, CMC directly contributes to an optimal approach to Credit Control and Debt Collection. "We see that the number of overdue invoices is decreasing and that disputes are resolved faster and more adequately," adds Peter.

"What benefits and improvements can be achieved by engaging a specialized partner? It pays to think about that."
Peter Deelen - Finance Manager EMEA/Latam

Advice for other organizations

That CMC is an excellent partner for optimizing processes in Credit Management has been proven as far as Peter and Martin are concerned. They encourage other companies to talk to CMC to see what the possibilities are.

Peter: "My advice for other organizations is to take a good look at their Credit Management process. What benefits and improvements can they achieve by engaging a specialized partner? It pays to think about that." Martin agrees to this. "It makes a lot of sense to have one specialized partner for the total Credit Management process. And CMC is the perfect partner for that."

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