Never stop learning

At CMC Worldwide, we have a strong focus on personal development and continuous learning. Every day, we strive to be a better version of ourselves than the day before! We breathe our learning culture and it is reflected in every aspect of the organization. A great example of this is our own CMC Academy, where we follow new online courses each month. Together with our GoodHabitz coach Inge we reflect on CMC’s learning culture and the first year of the CMC Academy.

Building the CMC Academy

An urge and desire to learn has existed since CMC was founded. In recent years however, the desire to turn our learning culture into a concrete learning environment grew stronger. We wanted to create an internal academy in which we could work on our personal growth every day, both together as a company and everyone individually. This resulted in the birth of the CMC Academy one year ago.

The CMC Academy consists of online courses and monthly Academy Meetings revolving around a monthly theme. During this Academy Meeting, all teams discuss the important lessons they take from the courses and reflect on their own development and goals. The meetings also include 5-minute presentations of team members summarizing one of the courses.

"CMC turned learning into a habit."

What is GoodHabitz?

In our search for good online courses that are relevant and interesting for all sorts of companies, we came across the GoodHabitz platform. GoodHabitz provides lots of online training courses that range from productivity to teamwork courses, from digital skills to mental health courses and more. In the CMC Academy, the GoodHabitz courses are part of the monthly theme. Each colleague selects two courses that fit the theme and comply with their own development goals.

One of the biggest pluses of GoodHabitz is the fact that they assign a learning and development coach to you; in our case Inge. Inge helped us to set up the CMC Academy and supports us in making good use of all courses. “In my role as coach, I usually actively support my clients in motivating all employees to use GoodHabitz. At CMC however, I can be on the sidelines, being proud of how dedicated all CMCers are to their own learning.”

Learning as a team effort

The constant investment in learning and development is not something a few colleagues initiate. It is carried by the whole company. Inge underlines this: “The most notable thing at CMC is that everyone learns. Whatever role you have – everyone has embraced learning. And everyone wants the best for each other. It doesn’t matter what you learn, as long as you invest in yourself and your development. Every person at CMC stimulates this and helps each other.”

Our statistics don’t lie. In less than a year, we have invested more than 600 hours in online training courses. In total, we obtained 255 course certificates together. Because of sharing our learning experiences and motivating each other, we can truly call this a company effort. “The CMC statistics are brilliant and make me very proud as a coach. I often use CMC as an example for other clients to show them how they could use GoodHabitz to stimulate learning in their organization. CMC turned learning into a habit. A good habit!”

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