Professionals on a temporary basis

As part of our full range of services, we provide expertise in the form of secondment also. Through CMC, you have access to professionals on a temporary basis. This is ideal if your organisation needs a set of fresh, knowledgeable eyes, for example in the field of credit management. If you need an experienced colleague who ensures stability in the department and, if desired by you, works together with your team, this is a perfect fit for you. Other benefits from our secondment include:
  • Quickly squaring away a backlog in collecting debts;
  • Assistance when you require it. (Think of: Seasonal peaks, maternity leave or illness);
  • Rapidly gaining more flexibility in the accounts receivable department;
  • No hassle regarding flex contracts or other employment contracts.
"Our aim is to achieve a structural improvement in your situation."

Tailor-made secondment, long term results

Making use of secondment is always a well-considered choice. First, we analyse the situation together in order to assess who is the most appropriate expert for your organisation and what needs to be done exactly. Important to remember is, when seconding our professionals, we never assume that it is a going to be a temporary solution. Our aim is to establish a structural improvement in your situation. You can count on superb (management) reports from the CMC professional(s) seconded to your organisation. After all, we aim for long term results. Always.

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Wat klanten zeggen over CMC

Onze beste ambassadeurs zijn de klanten voor wie wij elke dag het beste van onszelf geven. Trots zijn we dan ook dat 90% van deze klanten op aanbeveling bij ons terecht is gekomen.

"De NLO is een van de grootste aanbieders van patenten, handelsmerken en ontwerpbescherming in Europa. We werken al vele jaren met veel plezier samen met CMC aan incassozaken. De professionele en directe aanpak, waarbij het belang van de klant niet wordt genegeerd, is uitstekend geschikt."
Ed van der Plas
Manager Finance NLO | Patent & Trademark Attorneys, The Netherlands