Get your
invoices paid.

Whether it is about (inter)national Debt Collection, temporary or fixed handling of your Credit Control, it is all possible with us.

Focus on results, care for customer relationships

Focus and results are what your organization needs to get ahead. CMC will help you to keep moving decisively towards the future. At the same time we will give due consideration to your customers’ circumstances. That is how effective Credit Management and Debt Collection works in our book.

Let’s face your organization’s challenges together

Your organization too is bound to be facing tough challenges in the field of Credit Management and/or Debt Collection. How to collect invoices as quickly as possible without losing customers? How to organize credit control for optimum cash flow? How to create the right balance between software and the human touch? We will be more than happy to help you face these and other challenges.

The importance of customer segmentation

How to make Credit Control much more effective through customer segmentation?

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Assuring optimum cash flow

How to organize Credit Control in such a way that payment terms are complied with and cash flow remains optimal?

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Balance between automated credit control and the human touch

How to achieve the right balance between automated debtor management and the human dimension?

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Decisive Debt Collection with customer retention

How do organizations ensure that customers pay their invoices without jeopardizing customer relationships?

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CMC is your determined navigator in Credit Control and Debt Collection.

We offer several distinguishing benefits, including:
  • An effective approach guaranteed by knowledge of industries, cultures and local markets
  • Perfectly attuned communications, courtesy of in-house native speakers
  • No win, no fee debt collection, which assures commitment and involvement (95% success score)
  • Customization: your own CMC specialist will help you to find a solution that fits your organization
  • Focus on quick results with a keen eye for long-term relationships
  • CMC is a Debt Collection agency that takes IT security seriously

Knowledge of industries

CMC knows its way around various industries including telecom, rental and financial & legal services.

Customers on CMC

Our best ambassadors are the customers who experience our tireless dedication every day. We are therefore proud that 90% of these customers came to us on recommendation.

"We experienced the training as an eye-opener on how to handle our collections matters. We continue to work with CMC as we experience them to be very professional and with lots of knowledge in the area of invoicing and collections."
Raoul Behr
COO HBM Group Malta, Curaçao

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