Debtor Management Software Benefits offers your organization the key to excel in debtor management while increasing your efficiency and effectiveness and reducing your outstanding receivables. Below you will find an overview of the benefits has to offer.

Reduction of your DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) gives you insight into your debtor portfolio, your workflow management and just as important the results of your employees. By easily adapting your approach you will keep improving your standards.

Dispute management is an optimum instrument for management of your disputes since all the debtor information, historical and future action plans are in one system. Automatic follow-up cycles make sure that disputes are handled and debtors are informed about their dispute statuses.

Gain insight into your debtor portfolio gives you insight into your debtor portfolio via real-time and historical reports. This means that you will save time and can adjust your debtor approach timely.

Reduce risks has the tools to help you segment your debtors and organize your actions. gives you a new outlook on your debtors and reveals debtor/payment patterns helping you prevent and solve debts.

Bring structure to your credit management policy gives you the opportunity to standardize and structure your outgoing and internal correspondence. This creates a uniform approach toward your debtors and internal clients. Of course, it will also have a positive influence on your customer satisfaction.

Reduce costs automates your workflow and reduces your time spend per debtor. Call logs take +/- 15 seconds to create and payment promises +/- 30 seconds at max including an email confirmation that is ready to send to the debtor. Should we say more?

Flexibility for your employees
Because retrieves all the relevant customer data and places it in one overview, your employees no longer have to use the underlying applications for their debtor management. This not only saves time and money but more important eliminates your employees’ frustrations and improves their enthusiasm to collect debts.