About CMC

Focus on results, care for customer relationships

CMC Worldwide helps multinationals and other companies around the world to optimize their credit management. We provide customized credit control and collection management and navigate our customers from goals to results. This approach has allowed us to successfully build long-term relationships for years.

"Always the optimum route, for your organization as well as your customers"

Intelligent credit control

Besides decisiveness, our approach is driven by deliberate policy. Before going in there and getting things done, together we will explore the best route – for your organization as well as your debtor. Behind every outstanding invoice there is a story, and every payment starts with involvement. The key to success, then, is in personal contact. This is a given that we’ve deliberately integrated into our working strategies, not only in collecting unpaid invoices but also in educating debtors. At the end of the day, what counts is the future of your valuable customer relationships.

Decisive debt collection
Is (international) debt collection the only way for you to get an unpaid invoice paid? Then we will proceed decisively, on a no win, no fee basis. However, even then we will carefully consider your customer’s side of the story. Our approach will be tough if necessary, gentle if possible. The choices we make in this regard will be aimed at achieving cash flow continuity as well as customer retention – in other words, the best of both worlds.

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