The financial growth of your company depends on how fast your clients pay their invoices. Sometimes your company may lack the required time and/or personnel to actively pursue the group of late payers, which has immediate consequences for your cash flow. By outsourcing this activity we can help chase your clients and existing debtors, saving you time and money.

CMC can manage your debtors fully, partly, incidentally or on a project basis. In consultation with us you can determine what part and at which stage you would like to outsource your accounts receivable process.

Continuity = improving your cash flow 
Because we provide continuity and know-how in your accounts receivable process, your cash flow will improve. Our approach will be adjusted to your organization’s needs, the language it uses and the manner in which debtors are pursued. Together with you a collection profile will be made stipulating when and how your debtors are reminded of their payment obligation.

Example collection profile

Outsourcing collection profile

Your needs and requirements
Depending on your needs and requirements our outsource package can contain the following:

+ outbound and inbound telephone contact with your debtors
+ sending reminders and collection notices
+ dispute management
+ handling of all correspondence

Any extra steps you want to be taken or other specifics that might help you can also be added.

More information or a quote?
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know-how in your accounts receivable process please contact us. In case you are looking for an
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