Would you like to know what the quality of your credit management process is and how you can improve? Our consultants are ready to examine your processes and give you best practice advice to optimize your credit management.

Credit management can be a difficult process to organize in a company and could cause confusion to both customers and employees. Although outsourcing is a viable option, being in control of the entire process of credit management can be preferable. This is where our credit management consultation comes in.

With over a decade of in-house experience as well as the know-how that helped many clients before, CMC can help your company to make the difference between a mediocrely designed credit management process and a properly designed one.

The right view on your business 
To improve your credit management process, CMC starts off with establishing a baseline by observing the current credit management and its adherent processes within your organization. By discussing the actual and preferred situation with your operational staff as well as the management, we ensure that we have the right view on your business and the objectives you want to achieve.

Improving the process of credit management
We will work on developing solutions that will complement your preferred situation and will improve the process of credit management within your organization. During this process, our main objective is to reduce your operational costs, improve your cash flow and optimize your internal as well as your external customer satisfaction. If desired, we can help you implement these measures so you can rest assured that everything is as it should be.

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