Choosing a credit management partner is not something that should be taken lightly. A specialist should function as an extension of your company. Taking this into consideration, there are some distinct reasons that answer the question ‘why CMC?’.

Worldwide coverage
The location of your business or those from your clients does not matter. Through our native speakers and local network we are able to assist you on- and off site.

Proven track record
90% of our client base was referred to us by other clients. Ask for a couple of references and we are sure you will be convinced.

Successful in debt collection
With a tailor-made approach and a hands-on mentality we successfully make the impossible possible in 95% of the cases. And of course, all on a ‘No win – No fee’ basis.

Highly valued debtor management training programs
CMC can help you overcome changes and challenges by training your personnel ‘on the job’ using tailor-made training programs. It is our objective to help your personnel excel in their debt collection skills.

Record breaking software in efficiency and cost reduction
In 2011 and 2012 our survey showed that, on average, the users of the web-based debtor management tool Trust.it increased their work efficiency by 30%. That is 1/3 which can be used to lower employee costs or in- and external handling costs for example. Imagine what this can do for your company.

Masters in improving credit management
Our consultants fly all over the world to help clients improve their credit management processes. CMC can help your company to make the difference between a mediocrely designed process and a properly designed one.

Would you like to have:

Your outstanding debt paid quickly?
Your debtor management outsourced to specialists?
Optimize your debt management with an ideal software program?
Your credit management process analyzed and improved?
Deepen the credit management knowledge of your employees?
Improve your DSO and cash flow?

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